Impromptu cardboard house

Sunday was the end of a very long Olympic weekend.  We were happy and tired and not really expecting to achieve anything…until Mr H remembered that Homebase had a special 15% off deal.  Ah Homebase, how we love thee!  We’ve practically lived there since we moved into our house two years ago and this Sunday was no different.  Forty minutes of considering options (whilst trying to prevent a toddler escaping) and we had selected some garden furniture.

Wee man was instantly excited by the very large boxes and for quite a while we pretended they were boats, wee man allocating us each a separate one and squealing excitedly as Mr H pretended to be a crocodile.  We were just starting to tire of boats when I came up with the idea of building a little house.  The boxes were all the same length and fitted snuggly together to create an impromptu tape-free house.  Even Mr H (an architect by trade) was impressed with my modular construction, although he couldn’t resist fiddling and the final product was a joint effort.

Wee man was delighted.  ‘Come Mummy, come!’ he said, dragging me around the house and showing me the ‘kitchen’ and the ‘bedroom’, where he curled up in a little sleepy ball.  Later we got out a pot of crayons and he spent ages decorating, even fetching a little step from the bathroom so he could reach the ceiling.  It was all much more exciting than the lovely new garden table waiting for a sunny barbecue evening.


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