Toddler Olympics!

This week we invited some friends over for a toddler olympics and oh what fun we had!  Wee man slept for an hour over lunch which gave me a chance to run around the garden setting things up quickly and doing a little sun dance.  I might have got slightly over excited at the thought of thinking up some olympic-inspired games and by the time I heard a sleepy little voice calling out for me we had beanbag throwing and balancing, javelin (some foam sausage floats), pirate skittles, a parachute, sailing (paper boats and a storage box for water) and some homemade flags to scribble on.  A friend brought a tunnel too and some great little plastic cones.

I never really expected four nearly two-year-olds and a baby to play along with my little Olympic fantasy but the chaos that descended somehow took me by surprise.  Wee man suddenly felt distinctly territorial about his garden and I struggled to help him through.  The blank flags were instantly popular as soon as A reluctantly surrendered a few crayons to his friends and everything else was put to good and creative use.  The two little boys quickly commandeered the monster boxes I’d set aside for beanbag throwing and ran around the garden with them roaring.  The plastic cones became hats, the parachute was a bed and the container I’d planned to fill with water for the paper boats became a boat in its own right.

I suspect with a little more encouraging enthusiasm I could have got everyone interested in one or two of the games but we were having fun and that was the whole point.  The creativity of toddlers is remarkable and lovely to see.  Towards the end we did have a (kind of) running race and the children were delighted to be presented with shiny little medals.  They even posed for photos and looked very cute indeed.  Champions, the lot of them!



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