Paper boats

Since the toddler olympics wee man and I have been slowly working our way through the games we never really played.  This afternoon’s activity was sailing.  I filled a plastic box with an inch or so of water and a few drops of blue food colouring and presented the wee man with a stack of paper boats.  He quickly had the whole lot in the water and was running back asking for more.  I made a few bigger ones and experimented with thicker paper to see if it would hold the water out for longer (it did).

It was a windy afternoon and it was quite exciting watching the boats blow back and forth.  Wee man and I had a go at blowing them too, which he enjoyed, particularly since we’ve been reading The Three Little Pigs recently and doing a lot of huffing and puffing.  He was quite interested when some of the smaller boats started to sink.  ‘Help!  Sinking!’ he shouted and quickly emptied the water out, only to watch the sodden paper vessel fill up again.

After a while I introduced a couple of felt people shapes and a little pirate finger puppet too.  The pirate sailed around quite happily until he was (deliberately) ship-wrecked by some little hands.  It was a good activity for learning about floating and sinking and the power of the wind.  No olympic victories though – after a good afternoon of playing, all the boats had sunk.


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