Painting faces

We did more outdoor painting today.  It’s my favourite kind of painting.  There’s no need to worry about mess, you can paint huge boxes and if it’s warm enough and you time things right they can do it naked and then you can just throw them (maybe not literally) in the bath.

Anyway, after thirty minutes or so I realised that the wee man’s artwork was following a similar path to last time, which was to attempt to colour in all surfaces of the box, inside and out.  I started thinking about it and I realised that the only time he’s ever seen Mr H or I paint is when we’ve been painting walls or fences so I thought I’d borrow one of his paint brushes and do a little doodling to show him some other possibilities.  I painted a yellow sun and he copied, swirling the paint in a circular motion but interestingly saying ‘wheel’.  Then I drew a basic face (top left of the picture) and the wee man watched intently before making four very deliberate marks and saying ‘eyes’, ‘nose’ and ‘mouth’ (bottom right in the picture).


I’m not going to go all pushy parent on you and say it’s a great work of art but even without my proud Mummy blinkers on, it does seem to bear some resemblance to a face.



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