Little farm

When we were on holiday some friends we hadn’t seen for ages gave the wee man a most unexpected and rather lovely present: a big green tractor with trailer, two little Friesian cows, a highland ‘coo’ and some fencing.  Since we’ve been home he’s very keen to play with it and point out all the little details he’s noticed: ‘ladder…man goes there…seat in there’ etc.  So yesterday morning, when he was busy pushing it around the floor, I quickly set up a little farm scene for him.  I had some felt left over from the giant fuzzy felt we did a while ago so that formed fields, then I added the little cardboard box house and a jam jar lid of seeds and dried fruit for the animals to nibble.

Wee man seemed delighted to discover this new little world waiting for him.  The tractor was quickly lifted up and a battle to fit the big cow into the trailer ensued.  The animal food bowl was very exciting and the animals made all kinds of happy eating noises until eventually the seeds went in A’s mouth too.  We eat a lot of seeded bread but for some reason I’ve never thought to give the wee man seeds on their own so it was a good opportunity for him to try something new in the context of play.

Later he discovered some little fish and rubber ducks hiding in the box the animals had come from and was insistent that they should join in.  He even asked for a pond for them and was very happy when we found some blue felt.  The ducks were made to swim around their little pond, to drink from it and to quack noisily.

We’ve left it out ready to play and will no doubt add to it over the weekend.



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