Rainbow Park

I was enjoying a quiet walk with a sleeping toddler when I discovered Rainbow Park on the Southbank a month or so ago.  It was sunny and despite the very obvious buggy I was almost pretending life had gone back a couple of years to a childless time of luxuriously slow coffee drinking and happy pondering.  At the sight of this expanse of coloured sand though I was relieved to remember that the wee man wasn’t a dream.  In fact he was suddenly a wide awake and noisy reality begging me to let him out to explore.

Rainbow Park was created by Polish sculptor Adam Kalinowski as part of the Southbank Centre’s ‘Festival of the World‘.  It’s a long strip of sand right in front of the Thames in different bright colours, interspersed with wooden platforms for climbing on, jumping from and sitting on.  There are even areas of gravel for a bit of textural variety.  When we were there it had just opened and the children were loving it.  The bigger ones were leaping from the platforms or collecting a rainbow of sand in a plastic bottle.  Wee man found a tiny gap between the curvy wooden structures and hid there for ages, piling up gravel on a little shelf.  It was such an imaginative play space and even the adults seemed to be enjoying it.

The Royal Festival Hall is nearby with baby changing facilities and a cafe and Foyles bookshop, also nearby, has a great range of children’s books.  I think it’s open till the 9th September and we’re definitely thinking of going back soon.  All we need is some sunshine…


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