Cardboard boxes and imagination

Time has flown by recently, what with ten days in Scotland, a weekend in York and various other activities.  Wee man is changing and is increasingly interested in imaginative play which is fun because I usually enjoy it too.  He amazed us on holiday with a hat game that was mostly his invention.  We’d bought a knight’s helmet from Edinburgh Castle, which he was wearing and I asked him if there was a hat Daddy could wear.  There wasn’t one of course but he went off, looked on some imaginary shelves and came back with a pretend hat for Daddy.  The game continued for about an hour with all sorts of different hats being tried on, getting stuck and going back on the shelf.

Back at home we’ve been doing some small world play, with a little house that I made from a box and which wee man has since added to with his crayons.  I found a duplo man to live inside but wee man was insistent that a motorbike was to go in there.  It reminded me a lot of Christmas one year when I was about four and my toddler brother insisted on parking his train in the bathroom of my new dollshouse.  It’s so strange to see how much of his interests are already fairly stereotypical boy things.

Another very popular activity was a giant box which I cut some flaps and slots in and which wee man painted.  He was painting for about 40 minutes and was absolutely determined that the whole thing was to be covered in paint.  After a while he decided that the paint brush was small and not very effective and started using his hands instead.  I do love it when he happily gets his hands messy, even now he has a preference for avoiding such activities when all the other toddlers are happily covered head to toe.  Once the paint was dry we played post offices.  Wee man was ‘Patman Pat’ (his pronunciation) and I had to post the letters which he then put into his post-bag.  He was very keen to tell me exactly what I was to do.  ‘Mummy sit there.  Letter!…  ‘nother letter!’


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