Lavender sparkle play dough

I’ve been wanting to make play dough for ages.  I’ve had a few pots of shop bought stuff since before A was one and for a long time it was one of the only things that would keep him occupied in his high chair whilst I made tea.  Somehow though I never got round to making it so when I saw that some other crafty bloggers were having a play dough pledge week I took it as a sign and got going with some lavendar sparkle dough.

I used the no cook play dough recipe on Imagination Tree’s blog and it really was the quickest thing I’ve ever made.  I added some glitter, pink and blue food colouring and replaced half the oil with some lavender and jasmine massage oil.  You literally throw everything in, give it a good mix and then knead it for a couple of minutes.  And boy does it feel good to knead it!  All warm and soft and wonderfully scented.

A was delighted when he saw it the next day.  I put out a selection of bits and pieces (lollipop sticks, plastic eggs, sequins and ribbon) and he got to work straight away sticking things into the dough.  He soon discovered that the egg shells could be balanced on top of the lollipop sticks which lead to the creation of a curious purple forest.  Later in the afternoon we had a wee friend over for a play date and I added some straws (for candles), cupcake case and little plates.  A was very keen to make cakes.  He’s got very clear priorities when cake is involved.

I don’t know how long the dough will last but it seems to be doing well in a sealed bag.  I’m thinking we might add some other things to it over the next week or so and then start afresh with something new and exciting next month.  In fact, I’m dreaming up a monthly play dough challenge with a seasonal slant.  Watch this space.

For more play dough ideas see Imagination Tree, Nurture Store and Sun Hats and Wellie Boots.


1 Response to “Lavender sparkle play dough”

  1. 1 Anna @ The Imagination Tree June 27, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Ooo how LOVELY!! beautiful pictures and I’m sure it smelt wonderful!

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