Jubilee boat expedition

On Sunday we went to the Jubilee Thames Pageant.  It seemed a little mad traipsing up to the river in the rain and crowds with a toddler in tow but my Dad was visiting and he was insistent that we go and watch it live.  As it was, the wee man did well.  I borrowed an Ergo Performance sling from the fantastic South London Sling Library and he sat snuggly on my back waving his flag and looking at all the people.  He rode on Mr H’s shoulders for a while but I think he liked the security of the sling in the crowd.  He even managed to have a wee nap before the boats arrived.


We were lucky that we aimed for Pimlico towards the start of the race because it was dry for most of the time we were there and when the rain started towards the end of the boat procession the people cleared and we had twenty minutes of puddle jumping and a clear view.  The wind muffled the music and at times it seemed that there weren’t that many boats on the river but the masses of rowing boats were impressive and we liked the floating belfry chiming as it passed.  The wee man was particularly keen on the ‘nee-nar’ boats which passed with lights flashing and the odd blast of sound.

The next morning whilst the grown-ups were having a long lazy breakfast, A sat down at his little table, got out his crayons and asked for paper.  He spent quite a while scribbling in a circular motion before pausing thoughtfully, pointing at his creation and saying ‘Boat.  There!’  It was the first time he’s said a drawing is anything particular.  We talked about the boats and I asked him where the river was.  ‘Gone!’, he said with his arms outstretched in a comic gesture.  Then he picked up a crayon to add it in.



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