Dainty cups of tea

A while ago we bought a mug from a pottery called Branksome.  It’s an elegant elephant grey thing with a delightfully thin edge from which to sip tea.  I forget where I first saw Branksome China but it was in High Tea of Highgate when I started to lust after their simple fifties elegance.  Back then (when breakfast was at 10ish and went on at a leisurely pace till lunch without interruption) we spent many a Sunday reading the papers, plotting world domination and consuming great slabs of Bara Brith in this dainty little place.  Highgate had lacked a nice independent cafe so when Georgina opened High Tea in 2008 we gobbled it up eagerly.

When we moved to South London the elephant grey mug was joined by a whole family of older Branksome coffee cups and pots kindly given to us by our wonderful neighbour.  They had been purchased some time ago as part of a lot of Poole pottery and had lived in a cupboard ever since.  On days when I work from home I take great delight in making a pot of Square Mile coffee and sipping it from a tiny cup.  But the tiny cups are very tiny and we’d always intended to add to the mug collection so when we saw that Branksome was closing we rushed to get another five mugs.  All elephant grey with different glazes inside – blue, pink and yellow.  They arrived late last week and I got a lovely rush of spring drinking Early Grey from a yellow-lined mug in the garden.

As it is, the Branksome website is currently showing no signs of bankruptcy and I can’t help but think it might have been a way of drumming up business in difficult times.  Still, I love our mugs so I’ll forgive them and keep my fingers crossed that the doors stay open.


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