I finally retired my old winter coat this week.  It passed it’s best well over a year ago but at the time I had a smallish baby to think about and the thought of shopping for a new one was a bit overwhelming.  Then a couple of weekends ago we popped into a shop while waiting for some friends in town and instantly saw my perfect winter coat waiting for me at less than half price.  Miraculous.  So the bobbled old thing with the threadbare lining has vanished and all that remains is the little pile of buttons I saved for the wee man.

He discovered them this evening when we got home from the childminder’s and what a wonderous discovery it was.  We had some brightly coloured foam mats down on the kitchen floor so we ran about putting the buttons on different mats.  ‘Can you put a button on the yellow mat?’  It was a little hit and miss but he enjoyed running between the different mats and trying to repeat the names of the colours.  Then we had a go at sharing the buttons out (‘One for Mummy, one for A’) and counting them.  He was trying hard to show restraint and just get one button out at a time but soon he he was grabbing handfuls and putting them on his pile.  ‘Poor Mummy!’ I said with an exagerated unhappy face and soon I was given all the buttons and instructed to put them in an egg box.  He’s getting quite bossy, my wee man.

Once the egg box had been thoroughly explored the shapesorter truck was brought into action and he started putting the buttons into the different shaped holes.  All but two of the buttons are black and I noticed that the two clear ones got removed and put to one side.  Finally we discovered that buttons can be rolled along the floor which is really very exciting indeed.  I’m imagining all kinds of future button possibilities now – counters in games, pretend money, eyes for crafty creations…



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