Packaging, paint and marbles

This is yet another cautionary tale of setting aside your own ideas and following the child.

A little while ago I showed rather too much enthusiasm for the foam packaging that arrived with a colleague’s iPod, so much so that she took pity on me and donated it to the toddler creativity cause.  There were two small rectangles of bumpy foam and after briefly pretending they were a crocodile (‘snap! snap!   giggle giggle’) I got the arty bits out and tried to persuade A to paint the bumps.  He didn’t think this was a great idea.  It involved too much staying still when there was a whole garden to explore.  With help he turned the foam over and printed it onto paper.  This did produce a singular ‘yay!’ when the pattern was revealed but then he was off on some other adventure.

Later however, with the paint all dry, we were playing with the rusty tin of marbles* and the wee man discovered to his great delight that he could neatly place one marble in each little hole.  It kept him occupied and focused for ages.

*Obviously mables are a choking hazard and not to be played with unsupervised…


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