Accidental heart art

I am terrible at cleaning up.  There just always seems to be something else more important to be getting on with.  After our outdoor painting activities last week I managed to leave the cupcake tray we’d been using for our paint in the sunny garden for a couple of days.  I should say it wasn’t just any cupcake tray it was a silicon one with little heart-shaped holes that I bought years ago with Valentine’s Day plans in mind. It’s never been very successful for it’s intended purpose.  Either the cakes break as I try to get them out or a crucial corner gets left behind.  As a paint palette however it was perfect.

When I retrieved it from the garden I discovered that the paint had dried solid.  Oh no thought I, imagining some mammoth cleaning task but the paint peeled off easily to produce beautiful if slightly brittle hearts.  I like the accidental nature of this craft and I’m not sure whether it will be deliberately repeated, although I suspect if it was a touch of PVA mixed into the paint might add a bit of flexibility and all kinds of heart related possibilities.




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