Tissue paper flowers

We’ve talked a lot about flowers recently and the wee man has really been enjoying having some on the table so I thought we’d try making daffodils together.  We had plain lollipop sticks and A had a go at painting some green whilst I painted a few others.  He soon got bored of trying to paint the narrow stick but enjoyed dipping it in the paint and painting with it.  Then we started scrunching tissue paper, which mostly involved A scrunching, tearing and throwing.  Still, he was happy and learning about colour and texture… until the glue came out.  I didn’t think prittstick would work well on the lollipop sticks and we’re yet to invest in a vat of the PVA I remember from primary school so I decided I’d stick the flowers on with all purpose household glue.  What I hadn’t anticipated was that A wouldn’t be willing to stand on the sidelines and watch.  Oh no, he wanted to be right there in the middle squeezing as much glue out as possible.  Normally I would have encouraged him to be part of it but this glue didn’t seem very toddler friendly and it was going everywhere so in the end I took it away and tears ensued.
 In the end really I made some tissue paper flowers and A sat there with his flaky dried glue fingers, holding the camera to his eye and shooting pictures one after another.  It was switched to manual focus but there’s something about his yellow grey sequence of still lifes that I rather like.  We looked at them together afterwards and he seemed delighted that he’d captured something inside the little black box.  It’s lovely to plan activites for little ones and offer them new opportunites for exploration but the most delightful discoveries are made by following the child.

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