Giant fuzzy felt

When you’re little everything seems like magic.  Like fuzzy felt for example.  I had no idea how it stuck together and then just the other day I discovered that it’s as simple as felt sticks to felt.  No velcro, no magic glue, no freaky electric charge.  I also discovered that some other clever mummies out there have been making giant fuzzy felt  play boards so I ordered felt from eBay and got crafty with some UHU and an A2 sheet of foam board one night.  It was actually rather fun cutting out little shapes and passing them over to Mr H to arrange on the board.

A was quite amused when he saw it in the morning and immediately rushed over to tear everything off.  I’ve left it out since but he was mostly interested in pulling bits off and sorting them into a basket.  This afternoon however he sat himself down next to it and started sticking the odd piece on.  A lot of the pieces I made are geometric bits and bobs but the main ones he’s shown an interest in are the circles (‘ball!’) and putting the wheels on the car.  He was concentrating quite intensely for a little while…until he discovered that the board could be moved away from the wall and made the perfect place for a game of peepo!



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