Toilet roll bubbles

Today we had a go at making a bubbly fish picture with cardboard tubes.  A liked dipping the tubes in the paint and printing little circles on the paper.  He’s so quick to copy things at the moment.  I purposely put out just blue paint thinking it might look a bit like bubbles.  He got the idea and merrily printed away for five minutes or so saying ‘bubble!’ and ‘pop pop!’.  Of course soon there was paint all over his hands which, as usual, made him rather unhappy, although not before a little bit of hand printing.  After a handwash pitstop we looked through some bits of saved wrapping paper to choose one for the fish and then A stuck them down and (with a bit of help) added some red stickers for eyes.


It was quite a good activity for the wee man.  Because he doesn’t really like painty hands it’s hard to keep him happy painting for more than five minutes or so but the added paper fish meant that we could return to the table with clean hands and continue the picture together for a little while longer.  I think he also enjoyed creating something recognisable.  We showed Mr H afterwards and A was chatting away and pointing proudly to the bubbles, fish and eyes.


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