Painting on a school night

I’m getting better at making use of work day evenings with A.  It helps that he’s increasingly got a bit of energy left when we get home.  It also helps that during the weeks of tonsillitis and other bugs I lay in bed making a mental list of activities so now when the mood takes us I can quickly spring into action with a bit of paint or flour or both perhaps.

On Friday we did some painting with a basic kitchen sponge and a dog-shaped cookie cutter.  I tried squirting the paint in stripes on a plate so the wee man could get two different colours on his sponge.  He’s rather keen on the dog cutter when it comes to play dough but he looked a little bemused when it appeared with the paint.  I showed him how to press it onto the paper and then lift it up and soon he was busy doing it himself and saying ‘pat pat…up!’.  I love how his language is coming on and I love how the next morning when we went downstairs he was utterly delighted to see his painting propped up on the windowsill.


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