Foamy fun

One of my favourite blogs for creative ideas to try out with the wee man is The Imagination Tree and tonight I am deeply indebted to Anna because for the first time in ages A voluntarily sat down in the bath AND happily got his hands messy.

Shaving foam bath paint really does take no preparation at all.  Just squirt some shaving foam into a pot, add a couple of drops of food colouring, mix it up and off you go. Painting the metal bath plug release thingy was very popular, especially after A discovered that you could bang the paint brush on it to make a bell-like sound.  Then came the bath itself and the tiles, the duck (who looked very funny with a foamy Mohican) and – lo and behold – A’s hands and his very tickley little tummy.  He really liked being able to paint his hand and wash it off straight away himself and after that he wanted to wash everything else – the paint brushes, Mr Duck and the bath, which led to the exciting discovery that shaving foam floats in water and can be scooped up in a cup.


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